HR-special Career Advise

In addition to its executive search practice, La Search also has extensive experience in career advice.  La Search offers a sounding board outside of the daily hustle and bustle of the organisation and provides support in organising and clearly defining ideas and taking decisions, arriving at new insights about the effectiveness of the manner in which you function, making optimal use of your own possibilities and successfully tackling specific questions and problems.

La Search is able to and aims to activate professionals and make them responsible for their own career. So that they are able to respond pro-actively to changes and be able to determine the direction of their own career to a larger extent.

A number of examples of career questions that often arise are:

  • Who am I, what do I want and what can I do?
  • What type of environment suits me the best and which types of positions correspond with this?
  • Where do I find these positions and which organizations are interesting for me?
  • Do I require additional training and work experience for these positions?
  • How do I go about applying for such positions? (internet/social media, letter/CV and job interview and network interview)

Sandra Lemmens provides support and guidance to candidates in dealing with the above questions, professionally and in a well-structured and targeted manner. Your course of life, your development ability and achieving the right balance between work and your private life. When it is clear who you are, what you know and what you can do, you will be able to search for a suitable position on the employment market more effectively.

In the support and guidance provided by La Search, a lot of attention is paid to becoming aware of your behaviour, to the socialisation process and to experiences that you have gained in your work and in your life. By becoming aware of positive experiences and by converting negative experiences into learning opportunities, self-confidence is developed and your self-esteem is strengthened. In the support and guidance programme, a learning process is initiated and targets are set that result in more self-confidence.

The length of a career advice programme varies from one to five sessions. After you have completed a career advice programme, you will have gained insight into how you should give shape to your career. You can then assume the responsibility for your further personal development yourself. In short, you will have clear career prospect and you will know how you can realise this.





La Search receives assignments from leading organizations in search of entrepreneurial, highly educated professionals and executives. Our assignments fit perfectly with the ambition and potential of our target markets: roles in which candidates will have an impact and in which they can develop further; carry out duties under serious attention of senior management and of vital importance to the organization.