LA Search is also able to fulfill an important role in collective redundancies, which often occur during times of corporate re-organization. Cees van Leeuwen, formerly a successful labour law lawyer and an experienced mediator at one of the largest law firms in Holland, is able to service the entire process of down-sizing: from meetings with the Employees Council (including trade unions if necessary), as well as managing the entire process of redundancy on one side, and, on the other, consulting the dismissed employees in planning their options for the future. Each aspect of coaching and career change advice will be covered. In this way, the useful expertise of both sides will be highlighted, since it focuses on a future-oriented leave. Something that seems at first glance negative can suddenly turn into something positive: when people are made redundant it is generally very upsetting, but with our guidance, they will be reviewing their options, usually resulting into positive career-change and inspiring opportunities.

For both parties, it is of vital importance that employer and employee part in a positive way. This way, an employee who is treated fairly will continue being a good ambassador for its former company.

According to La Search, the above aspect is often insufficiently taken care of. Our expertise, knowledge, and experience ensure that we fulfill all needed roles in this part of the redundancy process.

Conflicts between parties only result in losing face and unnecessary financial damage for both. Therefore, La Search chooses a professional, positive and human approach, whereby we aim to find a creative solution without damage of reputation or loss of face.





La Search receives assignments from leading organizations in search of entrepreneurial, highly educated professionals and executives. Our assignments fit perfectly with the ambition and potential of our target markets: roles in which candidates will have an impact and in which they can develop further; carry out duties under serious attention of senior management and of vital importance to the organization.