In addition to executive search, La Search has also created another branch of activities: Interim Professionals, who are linked to employers as a solution for temporary issues regarding projects and personnel. We provide experts for any major corporate role in any major discipline, to second an interim manager when certain skills lack within an organization, to replace a long-term absence, help them ease through periods of transition or to fill an existing vacancy.


La Search Interim specializes in detecting the passions of people, and our sincere interest in individuals enables us to choose from an extensive network of professionals. These executives are outstanding due to their passion, emotional intelligence, and results, and easily recognise, analyse and solve any difficulties. In addition, they have insight into organizations and political relations as well as translating a practical vision into concrete implementation.

To select the right person, we establish, together with our clients, a clear profile. A match wherein we value not only basic and logical values like knowledge and experience, but also, what is even more important, our additional, more “personal” values, since we consider these the determinant for success. We know our networks inside out, which enables us to provide the highest calibre candidates, who are selected based on personality, charisma and “chemistry” with the employer. In this way, we ensure the ideal match between employer, interim professional and La Search interim.

Throughout this process of executive search, passion and involvement are our trademarks. Analysis, experience and intuition result in the final appointment of the best interim managers.

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La Search receives assignments from leading organizations in search of entrepreneurial, highly educated professionals and executives. Our assignments fit perfectly with the ambition and potential of our target markets: roles in which candidates will have an impact and in which they can develop further; carry out duties under serious attention of senior management and of vital importance to the organization.