About us

La Search is a partnership between Cees van Leeuwen en Sandra Lemmens With differing backgrounds and a great variety of networks, together they form an executive search office with a core focus on bridging the gap between candidate and client.

Cees specialises in recruitment in the Legal and Finance sectors, whereas Sandra arranges for the fulfillment of vital executive positions, including Life Sciences, Innovation, Business Consultancy and Sales & Marketing.

La Search favours candidates with a Master’s degree, who have an analytical way of thinking and working, and excel in clear ambition and perseverance.


Thanks to their expert skills and extensive experience in recruitment and selection, La Search have become a valuable advisor and sparring partner. Their way of working is characterized by enthusiasm, the ambition to excel in tailor-made solutions, a professional attitude, and commitment to the candidate and the principal. La Search gladly stimulates both parties to look for change and to choose new directions, instead of using the past as an unchangeable guideline. La Search does not confine itself to think only in work experience and education, but looks at the person and his or her competences: they think in options and opportunities.

At La Search, you have also come to the right place for coaching and career assistance. Uncertainty, personal or organisational blockades often withhold people from making the right move. We have a lot of experience in assisting candidates in discovering what is necessary and where there is space to actually make that move.

To be of importance to people in all of the above, is what we at La Search find one of the most beautiful aspects of our profession.



La Search receives assignments from leading organizations in search of entrepreneurial, highly educated professionals and executives. Our assignments fit perfectly with the ambition and potential of our target markets: roles in which candidates will have an impact and in which they can develop further; carry out duties under serious attention of senior management and of vital importance to the organization.